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sábado, 15 de outubro de 2011

*Meaning of my Love*

If you say that love is only a word, I would say that is more than a word.
If you say that love is a feeling, I would say that is different from that feeling you affirm to know.

And I will tell you with little words what is that love you know so well, I will teach you with one single kiss what is feel love and you my love you will cry because you never met love.
But love as you know it is easy to find, you don’t even need to putt effort in that, you only need to smile to someone and that person will love you.

But I, I love you because you don’t smile to me…
I love you because your words are cold to me,
And I love you even more because you say that to me…

And I will teach you what is love, and you will cry but  I will be here to take care of you and then you will know what love means.
And I will show you the many colors that love can take and the many expressions you can say, and the only thing you can’t repeat even once…
And I will teach what love is, even not knowing what it means. I will teach you how to love, and how to not hurt even when it is not exist.
So if you say the word love, it won’t have a meaning to me.
I only want that look from your eyes to mine and there I will believe.

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